Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's Makeup Tip!

Here’s a tip from my recent Merry Notes newsletter:

Never pump the wand in your mascara.

Pumping the wand adds air to your mascara, creating an environment for bacteria to grow. Instead, brush the wand around the inside of your mascara tube and gently pull it out. Then apply mascara and enjoy your finished look!

Play it safe and don’t share your mascara…and replace it every three to five months. Check out Mary Kay’s best-selling Ultimate Mascara (in black or brown/black) on my personal Mary Kay website: We also offer Waterproof Mascara and Lash Lengthening Mascara, Eyeliners, Brow Definer Pencils and Brow Gel, plus over 30 shades of Mineral Eye Color!

If you decide to purchase, place the code "a moment a day" in the comments box and receive 10% off your entire order.

Have a great "makeup" day!

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