Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My morning makeup prayer...

Several years ago I wrote this meditation, not having a clue that I would someday represent a skin care and cosmetic company. Now I'm an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and recently shared a modified version of the following morning makeup prayer in my first newsletter to customers and friends. Who would have thought?

Lord, as I apply my foundation, I thank you for being my firm foundation, my fortress, the only one in whom I can completely trust. Remind me when forces come my way to shake the ground I walk that you are my rock that never gets shaken. I stand firm in you today. 

As I highlight my eyes with color, I ask you to give me eyes to see the needs that will come before me and ears to hear the cries of the lonely and downtrodden. And then, Lord, if there are ways I can meet those needs, show me how to do that with wisdom, sensitivity and grace. 

Brushing color on my cheeks, dear Lord, I ask for your grace and wisdom in being able to turn the other cheek and not become offended by the words and deeds of others. And if I do, please show me the root of why I'm offended.

Father, as I apply my lipstick, I ask for lips that speak only words of love and encouragement to those who come across my path today.

And then, Lord, as I apply my perfume, I ask that wherever I go, I will leave your sweet fragrance behind. When others come near, may they inhale your essence because I have come so near you in my morning quiet time that I take on your fragrance as my own.

Who would have thought? Well now, my heavenly Father knew all along, didn't He? He says in Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans [thoughts] I have for you." And since I take God's word personally, I believe He knew all along that one day I would be helping to enrich women's lives through my new business.

I wonder what other surprises He has planned for me!

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