Monday, September 20, 2010

Meditations, motivations and makeup...

What do these three things, meditations, motivations and makeup, have in common? ME!

I love to meditate on God's word and what it says to me personally, and I enjoy writing those things down and sharing them with others. I love to motivate and encourage people, and I love to be inspired by the words of other motivators. And makeup? Well, earlier this year, I made a career-changing decision and am now an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. After over 30 years in some form or other of publishing, I decided it was time to try something totally different. And now I help enrich the lives of the women I work with in Mary Kay and the women I serve through teaching them about the importance of good skin care and how to enhance their natural outward beauty.

Check back often, will you? I'll be sharing some special thoughts to encourage and inspire readers, and I'll be adding some beauty tips from time to time. And when you do stop by, please feel free to leave behind some of your own thoughts and inspirations!

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